Friday, January 9, 2009

Hello Blog World!

Ha, ha, ha! This should be interesting... I have to admit I have been thinking about this blogging thing for months since I checked out my bud April's blog (yes that has been me checking in on you! Its the only window I have into your life, ha ha ha!). So I finally convinced myself to try it, what the hell. Ok, so my first blog will be about me, whatya know. I am 27 years old and live with my oh so hot firefighter boyfriend who will hopefully be the father of my children someday. Yeah he's tired of me buggin him on having kids, but I need the bling bling first :) aahh someday. I work as a nurse in a local emergency room (no I will not answer any of your medical questions, I'm off duty!) it is quite the place to be, I see a wide range of people (mostly crazy people, ha ha ha). The stories I have to tell, "life in the ER"...
I like to go out have fun, this year I am going to learn to snowboard, yikes! I see lots of skiing and snowboarding accidents in the ER so I am a little nervous. But what the hay I cant live under a rock my whole life right? Any tips on snowboarding for this nervous girl?